2 thoughts on “Einblicke in den Polster& Tapezier Workshop -Hocker

  • Katrina

    I had such a fantastic experience at Alice’s Upholstery Workshop. I chose to give a new life to an old footstool (the apple green photos) and Alice’s advice regarding materials, fabric, sizes and other top tips were invaluable. She helped me to create a marvelous peace of furniture. Alice is a thorough, scrupulous and patient teacher! I really enjoyed the Workshop and am already looking for a new „project“!

    • Alice Egger

      Dear Katrina ,
      thank you sooo much for these nice words,
      they are like ice cream melting in my palate.
      I think it makes people happy, if you can see, feel, hear and also smell what you are doing.
      cheers Alice

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